As the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged America’s hospitals and other healthcare facilities, leaders have been challenged to reconfigure their facilities to provide safe, accessible care.

Administrators have found innovative ways to expand isolation wards, ensure access to critical equipment and redirect foot traffic to ensure the safety of patients and staff.
As they look to the future of both existing and planned facilities, there is no doubt that organizations will be keeping these priorities in mind.

In a discussion with Modern Healthcare Custom Media, three industry experts discussed how leaders can factor this risk into their capital asset planning and shared best practices for transforming the physical environment to overcome the challenges of COVID-19.


Manuel Hernandez is principal – strategic innovation and health care market leader at Kahler Slater.
As the only clinically active physician in the US with advanced degrees in medicine, business and design, Dr. Hernandez leverages data-informed approaches to guide health systems to unsurpassed success and innovation.

William Schlein is the practice leader at LS3P. Willy brings over 25 years of visionary  experience as LS3P’s Practice Leader.
Willy recently led LS3P’s design team for the World Health Organization’s first COVID-19 hospital in Burkina Faso, Africa.

Richard Taylor is division president of JLL  Solutions.
He leads JLL’s  Solutions business and advises organizations on improving the patient experience, mitigating risk and improving financial performance through real estate and facilities.


Source: Healthcare Facilities of the Future

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